About Jan

A lot of us know the name "Jan Angel." She's a familiar face at parades and community events around the peninsula. We've seen her yard signs in the neighborhood and heard her political commercials. But the more we learn about Jan Angel and her priorities, the less it seems we really know her.

When you look at the policies she has supported in Olympia, you might be surprised. It turns out Jan Angel sponsored legislation to ban all abortions, even in cases of rape and incest.1 She also voted to cut health care for kids,2 and she opposed funding for K-12 education.3 At the same time, she opposed measures to prevent child abuse,4 lower prescription drug costs for seniors,5 and expand health coverage for women and kids.6 That's not the Jan Angel we knew.

Families in our community look out for each other, and we need leaders who will look out for us too. The facts about Jan Angel – surprising as they may be – are hard to ignore.

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