Restricting Women's Health Care Choices

Washington women need the freedom and privacy to make the health care decisions that are right for themselves and their families. We're looking for compassionate leaders who reflect the values of the 26th district. Jan Angel's record on choice and women's health care options is disappointing.

Reproductive Rights

Last year, Rep. Angel sponsored the same kind of law that anti-women's health legislators have pushed in states like Mississippi and Texas. Rep. Angel's bill would have restricted a doctor from giving emergency contraception to a woman who has been raped.1 It sounds awful, but it's true. Angel's bill, which sought to define life as beginning at conception, endangers women's health and puts politicians between women and their doctors.

Rep. Angel also disappointed women by opposing the Reproductive Parity Act.2 This bill would require health plans that cover maternity care to also cover abortion. It's a simple concept that would leave a woman's decision about her pregnancy with her and her family, not her insurance plan. The bill had bipartisan support in the legislature, but Angel voted no.

Women's Health Care

There should be nothing controversial about making sure all women can get a life-saving mammogram. But Jan Angel voted to make it easier for health plans to deny coverage for many basic medical procedures in Washington state.3 This means health insurance companies can cover fewer essential services like cancer screenings, annual exams, and birth control.

Without health care, women sometimes have to choose between making ends meet, family-planning, and doctor visits. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, 300,000 more women in Washington State now have access to health coverage. Jan Angel supported a variety of bills that would de-fund or block implementation of this historic reform.4 One of these bills was based on model legislation from the conservative group, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), of which Angel is a leader.

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