Our Kids Deserve Better

We work hard so our kids and grandkids will have better opportunities than we did. We keep them safe and healthy, we invest in their future, and we teach them to the best of our abilities. We also expect our representatives to take responsibility for leaving a better world for our kids. Unfortunately, Representative Jan Angel hasn't been sticking up for Washington's kids, their schools, or their safety.


The State Supreme Court ruled that legislators have consistently failed their responsibility to provide a quality education for Washington students. Education is our "paramount duty" as a state, yet legislators have underfunded our kids' classrooms by billions of dollars.

This spring, a loophole in our estate tax law threatened to drain $160 million from our schools and give that money back to the heirs of multi-millionaires. A bipartisan group of legislators worked together on a compromise to close this loophole and protect our schools. Unfortunately, Rep. Angel voted no. Instead of protecting funding for our schools, she voted to send the money to the estates of multi-millionaires. 1

This isn't the only time when Rep. Angel chose tax breaks over funding our kids' schools. She also opposed closing a tax loophole for shoppers from Oregon, Idaho, and even Canada, -- money that would have been used to provide full-day kindergarten.2

Every parent knows our kids' schools need all the help they can get. So why isn't Jan putting education first?

Health and Safety

Because of recent reforms, big insurance companies can no longer deny coverage to children because of pre-existing conditions. The law also prevents big insurance companies from putting caps on services for sick and injured kids. But Jan Angel has sponsored and supported multiple bills to block implementation of these reforms.3

Protecting consumers from toxic and harmful materials should be one of government's most basic functions. But Angel voted against getting toxic substances out of kids' toys. 4 She also opposed the Toxic Free Kids & Families Act, which would ban dangerous chemicals used in couches and other family furniture. Votes like these just don't make any sense. 5

Whether at home, at school, or at the neighborhood park, our kids have the right to live free from the threat of violence. But Jan Angel voted against a bill that would require adults to report suspected child abuse.6

We need our elected representatives to be fighting for our families and our kids every day. Unfortunately, Rep. Angel hasn't lived up to these responsibilities.

Still have questions? Read our full fact-check on Angel's record on education here.

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